Top Places To Visit in Pensacola.

Just north-west of the U.S state of Florida you will encounter the waterfront city of Pensacola, which is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by the Santa Rosa Island. While it’s protected beaches and Pensacola dolphin tours make it one of the most famous destinations in Florida, it has a rich culture dating back to the 16th century. Indeed Pensacola is one of the earliest European settlements in the US and features a museum complex containing only original 16th-century buildings.

Places to visit.

While Pensacola has numerous destinations that one cannot exhaust in a single day, there are those that stand out and are worth mentioning here.

1. National Navy Aviation Museum.

Pensacola is referred to as the “cradle of National aviation.” because it was the place where the first Naval air station was started. In the national navy aviation museum, you get to view about 250 pristinely restored aircraft belonging to the coast guards, Navy and marine corps that flew during world war 1 or 11. Apart from showcasing the planes, the museum also focuses on honoring those the designed, built, repaired and tested them.

2. Pensacola Museum of Art.

Built back in 1906 in the Spanish revival style of architecture the Pensacola museum of art once housed a prison, police department, shore patrol, and city townhouse but is now a place light. beauty and learning. The museum is a great place for art lovers to view wonderful collections such as African art and glass art. visit here

3. Meet a Dolphin.

Spotting dolphins in the wild is very difficult. These captivating marine mammals are however abundant in the waters just off the shore of Pensacola. It is also important to note that there are about 10,000 dolphin individuals living in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico which makes it good for Pensacola dolphin tours. In order to catch a good glance at them always check the numerous bays, waterways and outer sandbars in the bay area. This is mostly where you will encounter dolphin pods looking for food. During the Pensacola dolphin tours, make sure to avoid feeding, harassing or swimming with the dolphins to avoid disrupting their habitat and feeding patterns.(Visit Fun in the sun boat rides to book dolphin tour in Pensacola)

4. Hit the Beach.

Pensacola’s expansive and pristine sandy beaches are not places to miss. The Florida panhandle is a long stretch of beach that is especially famous for its crystal clear waters and white pearly sands. Make sure you take time and bask in the sun sipping a cold beverage or reading a great book. You can also engage in swimming, walking or collecting seashells as souvenirs.

Beautiful Fishing Experience in Venice

When you think of Venice, what runs through your mind is maybe, one of the most romantic, beautiful places on earth. And you probably think of taking a holiday there. Well, what you may not know is Venice has one of the best offshore fishing experiences.

Venice is a small town, and people travel from other parts of the country to come and charter a boat and have an experience of their lives. Venice fishing charters are just awesome. For example, Home Run Charters have an incredible customer care, experienced crew, fast boats with modern equipment, and they know where to take you to sights
that are beautiful and incredible for fishing. The reason why you should think of experiencing Venice charters is as follows:

  1. Different fishing charters

Venice fishing charters are many. There is a wide variety you can choose from and make your booking. It �s advisable that you do an early booking since at times, it may lead to missing a charter because they are fully booked. In seasons like summer, everyone is thinking of going out to fish.

  1. Time for Bonding

People tend to think that fishing charters is for men. Truth is it’s for everyone. It is the time a family can come and share one boat and have fun while fishing. Even companies bring their employees to enjoy and it promotes team building.

  1. Fishing during Summer

If you enjoy fishing, Venice is a perfect location for you. You don’t have to wait till summer to enjoy the experience like in other places. Though it is during summer that you will be able to see fish like the yellowfin tuna. They migrate
during summer.

  1. Variety of Fish

Venice offshore fishing has a variety of fish. If you want to catch the swordfish, tarpon, mahi-mahi or Wahoo, you will find them there.

Fishing is a beautiful experience. It is also one way of bringing people together especially family members. You can plan in advance to have a time of your life in Venice especially during summer. Venice fishing charters are there to give you a memorable experience. And plan to come and have a big catch of yellowfin tuna during your fishing charter.